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InsiteVaas Hosted IP PBX Solution - The Smart Choice

At Insite Computer Group, we understand that in order to provide a secure, reliable IP PBX solution, service providers must manage the network end to end. If your existing service provider doesn’t offer this level of support, how can they effectively control your business uptime?
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With enterprise features set from day one including; find-me/follow-me, auto attendant, unified messaging and more, you never have the hassle of constant upgrades.

Our PBX environment provides one connection, no requirement for phone lines, no budgeting for future upgrades, unlimited scalability, and an overall solution that takes the daily hassles of voice and data connectivity away. InsiteVaas PBX Service is a feature-rich, hosted and managed integrated voice and data business communications service that makes businesses more productive and saves money.

InsiteVaas PBX Service puts you in control

  • Eliminates service order delays and costs by enabling self-managed instantaneous move/add/changes (MACs). Simply plug the phone into a different network port, use a step-by-step interactive voice response unit or use an intuitive web interface
  • End-users control their own features and services using traditional star codes, phone-based graphical user interfaces or their own web portal
  • Reduces the number of telecom vendors that you need to manage and the number of bills that you need to reconcile each month

Hosted Advantage

  • Managed 7x24x365
  • No more upgrades
  • Automatic disaster recovery
  • Scalable/Capacity
  • Self-administration
  • No phone lines
  • Buy what you need

Corporate Level Features

  • Free Station to Station Abbreviated Dialing

    You can call other extensions within your company at no charge, regardless of location, using either 3, 4, or 5 digit dialing.
  • Basic Auto Attendant

    Provides for a Small IVR tree (e.g. for Sales press 2, and the call is forwarded to the sales extension).
  • Account Codes

    Provides for billing for everyone in your business to be tracked with Account Codes.
  • Informal Call Centre; Call Queuing / Hunting / Group Pickup

    Provides for billing for everyone in your business to be tracked with Account Codes.
  • Hold / Music on Hold

    $0.035 North American Long Distances – Make calls anytime and anywhere in Canada and to the United States.
  • One provider

    Simplify customer experiences with one contact to call for support and consolidate billing for hardware and connectivity.

User Level Voice Features

  • Voice Mail to Email

    With this feature you can have your voicemail messages sent automatically to your e-mail account. You can then listen to your messages on your computer. Enhanced Voice Mail.
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me

    Create your personal call rules and system will locate you for incoming calls based on those rules you create.
  • Call Display

    Using a display screen the ten digit number and the name of the person calling you will be displayed on your telephone.
  • Visual Call Waiting

    Call Waiting and Call Display are combined so that you can see who the second caller is while you are on the phone.
  • 6 Way Conference / Conference Bridge

    You can bridge up to 5 others at the same time or set up a bridge at a designated time through the web portal for people to call into.
  • Call ID Block (*67)/ Permanent ID Block

    Blocks your name and telephone number from appearing on the display screen of the person you are calling.
  • Last Number Redial

    If your phone doesn't have a redial button, you can press *07 to automatically redial the last number that you called.
  • MS Outlook/TAPI

    Clicking on your Outlook contacts to make calls.
  • Last Call Return

    You can return the call of the last number to call your line by pressing *69. If the number is busy, you can be alerted by a special ring when the line is free.
  • Call Screen

    To prevent unwanted calls, you can redirect up to 12 telephone numbers on a list. Callers will be directed to a prerecorded message that tells them the number they called is currently not accepting calls.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection / Privacy Guard

    With Anonymous Call Rejection, you can avoid receiving calls from numbers that have caller ID information blocked or unknown, or force them to speak their name before you pick up the call.
  • VIP Call Waiting

    VIP Call Waiting will notify you of an important caller by a special Call Waiting tone.
  • Remote Call Forward

    You can activate or deactivate your Call Forward service while you are away from your VoIP phone from anywhere in Canada.
  • Additional DID’s / Non-DIDs

    Individuals will have an associated extension and the ability to also have a direct phone number go directly to their phone.
  • And many more features

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