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PiranaMail is powerful, affordable and easy to use Anti-Spam

PiranaMail is a professional solution to spam. Our system can handle up to 25 million mail messages a day and screens all incoming mail, blocking viruses and spam oriented e-mail before it ever reaches your inbox.

PiranaMail Advantages

The PiranaMail Spam Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution, designed to protect your email server from spam, virus, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. The PiranaMail Spam Firewall is compatible with all email servers and can fit into nearly any corporate or small business environment. With no per user license fee, PiranaMail offers the most affordable enterprise-class spam and virus protection available.

nothing to setup

Nothing to setup at your office all email flows through our secure datacentres before being delivered to your email server for distribution. All known SPAM and Viruses are deleted, questionable email is quarantined and users are notified to whitelist or blacklist the questionable email.

PiranaAV Is your Enterprise Class Managed Anti-Virus Security Solution

Insite Computer Group’s PiranaAV gives you a simple way to manage the cost and complexity of keeping your organization secure. We combine our industry-leading endpoint security, data protection, compliance technologies and expertise in a single managed solution.

  • Never again compromise on security
  • Protect your entire organization with a single managed comprehensive solution
  • Save on management
  • Enable your workforce while retaining control
  • Smooth install

PiranaAV Advantages:

  • Enterprise Class Anti-Virus
  • Managed from Insite’s Tier3 datacentres
  • Multiple OS compatibility Windows, Mac and Linux computers using a single management platform
  • Simplified policy management
  • Minimum productivity impact - PiranaAV offers a fast scanning engine and the smallest intra-daily updates in the industry, for minimum productivity impact
  • Rapid response to malware outbreaks - PiranaAV in combination with Sophos, is an integrated 24/7 rapid threat response solution that minimizes the risk of virus outbreaks
  • Inclusive support anytime you need it - PiranaAV support comes from Insite’s dedicated technical experts


A short video on "how to use PiranaMail"
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