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Over the last 5 years we have been working very closely with Insite and have had nothing but exemplary service. The team behind Insite are very reliable, knowledgeable and are great to work with. Our partnership with the Insite Computer team has confirmed to us that they are an integral part of our business strategy and success. Their positive support and response time to meeting our technical needs is second to none. Together with their extensive product knowledge and true understanding of our business allows us to focus on our core business and a high level of comfort that we'll always be able to meet our customers' needs. If you looked up peace of mind in the dictionary, you'd find Insite Computer Group!


Thank you to the Staff at the Thindesk. RBS was in IT turmoil before adopting the Thindesk methodology. Their services allow us to pick and choose what we need managed or outsourced. They first provided us with a Dedicated Hosted Exchange environment with Blackberry Services to approximately 80 Users in 7 Locations. We consider the Thindesk team to be the extension of our IT department at Robert B Somerville – they provide a SLA for Server and other Workstation related issues in all our locations locations across the country. The third service they provide us is management of the Server Based Computing environment we have for Several products we run for Project Management, Job Costing and CRM in multiple permanent offices and Construction Job Sites.


Thindesk provides Insight Sports with three core services. The first is providing an Outsourced Mail service (Both Microsoft Exchange and POP Mail Services) for approximately Fifty (50) users in the organization. The Second solution is we provided an In-house Server Based Computing solution that is completely managed by Thindesk for two locations in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver) the users connect via an Internet line and run Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Office applications using Citrix Presentation Server. Thindesk also provided a complete management team onsite to manage our IT infrastructure. This has led us to focus on our company while we have the amazing support team provided by Thindesk to ensure our IT stability.

Steve Ecclestone, JONAS SOFTWARE

Thindesk has been a long standing provider to Gary Jonas Computing. They provide several levels of support for Jonas directly and to our Customer base we service throughout North America (Construction, Private Country Clubs). Thindesk is currently hosting our Web Based off-Site backup Vaulting solution which we sell to our client base. Without the level of support we have received from the Thindesk team we would not be where we are today.


Over the last 7 years we have been working very closely with Insite and have had nothing but exemplary service. The Insite teams are very reliable, knowledgeable and great to work with.

Sherri Marshall, SWIM TIME

Swim Time provides swimming lessons for children around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). When we started our Business we put servers in each location. It was impossible to schedule without our clients calling. Thindesk allowed us to share our Proprietary application and save on the cost for licenses at each location and at the same time allow us to effectively collaborate – today we have five sites and the ability to open temporary sites quickly and easily without having to worry about the technology. Thindesk helped us get to a point where technology helps us grow and at a reasonable price.


We’ve been using Insite for almost 2 years. Their offerings and flexibility of services give my company many options for anyone looking for a service provider. Along with this you will get fantastic support, with very quick response time to inquiries. I highly recommend Insite for their excellent service and customer service!

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