3aod - Applications on Demand - Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Insite's 3aod is a turnkey service for outsourcing your companie's core technology infrastructure utilizing 'The Cloud'. Our unique managed service eliminates installing, upgrading and maintaining the software applications and hardware used daily to run your company, helping you to operate a more efficient, and effective successful business. 3aod allows you and your employees to securely log in from anywhere in the world. If you can access the Internet, you can access you data and application.

InsiteVaas – a feature-rich, hosted and managed integrated voice and data business communications service

At Insite Computer Group, we understand that in order to provide a secure, reliable IP PBX solution, service providers must manage the network end to end. If your existing service provider doesn’t offer this level of support, how can they effectively control your business uptime? With enterprise features set from day one, including; find-me/follow-me, auto attendant, unified messaging and more, you never have the hassle of constant upgrades.

Everyone always speaks about backup, but the crucial word is Recovery

You can backup religiously, but without being able to reliably recover your critical information, those days of backing up have gone to waste. Insite’s Tiered Storage service allows you to preserve your historical digital business records and correspondence, and our recovery process focuses on both   the backup, of your data as well as the ability of your organization to recover quickly from a business disruption. Our service is your Data Attic. InsiteVault also offers a cost-effective Tiered/BLM Storage Option that deals with the storage of aged & inactive data, including its security, regulatory and retention requirements.

Insite’s PiranaSuite of Managed Security Solutions – The Smart Choice

PiranaMail is a powerful, affordable and easy to use Anti-Spam Solution that can handle up to 25 million mail messages a day and screens all incoming mail, blocking viruses and spam oriented e-mail before it ever reaches your inbox.   PiranaAV Is your Enterprise Class Managed Anti-Virus Security Solution PiranaAV gives you a simple way to manage the cost and complexity of keeping your organization secure, by combining our industry-leading endpoint security, data protection, compliance technologies and expertise in a single managed solution.

Insite-V is Your Enterprise Class Managed Virtualization and Storage Solution

Virtualization changes everything from how you manage resources, to the way you support your business, and is a key element in achieving an automated, agile infrastructure. Virtualization can be deployed in any company with more than one server. In addition to workload consolidation, other benefits include high system availability, live migration, streamlined backups and fault tolerance – all of which simplify maintenance and lower infrastructure costs.
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